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Shabab Al-Ahli Football Club Scholarship 2024/2025

Shabab Al-Ahli Football Club is a successful Emirati football club located in Dubai. Established in 1970 through the merger of three local teams, the club has an impressive trophy cabinet. This includes a record 10 UAE President’s Cup titles and 8 UAE Pro League titles.

Now playing in the top tier of Emirati football, they secured a 3-0 win against Khor Fakkan Club and are preparing for their next competition against Hatta Club on March 8th, 2024.

Trophies Won by Shabab Al-Ahli Football Club

Shabab Al-Ahli has earned a high reputation as one of the most decorated clubs in the UAE, having garnered an impressive array of trophies:

  • 8 UAE Pro League titles
  • Record 10 UAE President’s Cup titles
  • Record 5 UAE League Cup titles
  • Record 6 UAE Super Cup titles

Shabab Al-Ahli Football Academy

Shabab Al-Ahli is also prominent for its well-established football academy, dedicated to grooming young Emirati talent:

Mission: Their focus is on nurturing skilled, disciplined, and ethical young footballers.

Vision: They dream of becoming a leading youth academy in the UAE, regularly supplying players to the first team and the national team.

Age Groups: The academy caters to various age groups, providing training and development opportunities for young players.

Programs: The academy offers diverse programs, including academy training and private training options.

If you want to read more about their academy, go to their official website.

Online Application for Shabab Al-Ahli Academy Scholarship

The club has a dedicated football academy but there is currently no available information about a scholarship program. If there is, it is not listed on their website. Consider reaching out to them directly and making inquiries.

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Entry Requirements for Shabab Al-Ahli Academy Scholarships

Generally, you need to demonstrate exceptional talent, showcase a good academic record, and be willing to develop into a pro, among others.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Shabab Al-Ahli Academy?

As of March 2024, the club has not listed any fee for joining their academy. You will need to contact the club directly and make inquiries about the required fees.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply to Join Shabab Al-Ahli Academy

Demonstrate a strong academic record. This will enable you to explore other options if a football career is unsuccessful. You need to possess an exceptional talent and these academies are very competitive to join.

Benefit Of Applying for Shabab Al-Ahli Football Academy Scholarship

The Shabab Al-Ahli Football Academy scholarship offers several benefits to young footballers, including professional training, education, exposure, personal development, and financial support.

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