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Which Universities does SpaceX recruit their interns from?

Depending on their application, SpaceX interns are either assigned to engineering- or business-related responsibilities. The amount of work required to secure a SpaceX internship is equivalent to that of a full-time engineer.

Since you are regarded as a SpaceX employee and not just someone who gets stuck with tedious jobs, internship roles need independence. There is also a lot of cooperation with other engineers.

At SpaceX, there is a lot going on. Even if the activity is stimulating and enjoyable, the employees cannot do it all on their own.

Employees’ workloads are more than what they are capable of handling, they work longer hours to meet goals, and they neglect their family and work commitments. Even people who appreciate their jobs cannot maintain their way of life.

Which Universities does SpaceX recruit their interns from?

Recruiters are more interested in a candidate’s job history, professional abilities, and capacity for outcomes than they are in their educational background or grade point average.

There are no specific universities where SpaceX interns are recruited however, an individual needs an average of 3.5 GPA or above to be eligible for recruitment.

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