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What skills are required for Google internship?

One of the richest and most well-known businesses in the world, Google’s history is one of traditional entrepreneurship, toil, and a little luck. From small beginnings, the business has grown into a global leader in software, hardware, cloud computing, and online advertising. is the most popular website in the world according to Alexa, a company that tracks commercial online traffic.

The word “googol,” a numerical term for the number 1 accompanied by 100 zeros, is a pun on the name Google. This, according to hearsay, represents the creators’ goal of organizing the limitless knowledge available on the internet.

When Larry Page and Sergey Brin first met, it was 1995, and Google was born. Larry Page was a PhD candidate at Stanford University at the time, and Sergey was pondering attending.

The two started developing BackRub, a browser, in 1996.

What skills are required for a Google internship?

The following are the prerequisites for the internship:

  • Register in your first or second year of computer science class (or a related field)
  • AP and IB courses count as one college-level computer science course for first-year students!
  • Students in their second year who have completed at least two computer science courses in college
  • Possess knowledge of Java, Javascript, Python, C+, and C
  • Enrol at a North American university

Recommended Requirements

The following are the program’s desired qualifications:

  • Possess a minimum of two years left to complete a Bachelor’s degree program following the 12-week summer internship.
  • Capable of working full-time for the 12-week internship between June and September or May to August
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