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What questions are asked in JPMorgan internship interview?

American transnational holding corporation for banks, JPMorgan is the industry pioneer in financial services and provides institutions, businesses, and governments with solutions. New York is where its headquarters are located.

The biggest bank in the country is this one. The goal is to distribute $1.75 billion in charitable resources globally by 2023, as JP Morgan stated previously in 2018.

JP Morgan is renowned for having an excellent work-life balance and giving you the chance to make decisions that will advance your career.

You will create ground-breaking solutions as a software engineer that will affect the daily lives of billions of people. You will have the chance to work in an environment that is open, supportive, and collaborative at JP Morgan.

What questions are asked in JPMorgan internship interview?

JPMorgan has specific questions relating to the various departments and roles. However, there are general questions every intern will answer. Below are some of the questions;

  1. Why are you drawn to the JP Morgan corporation as a potential employer?
  2. What is your knowledge of the corporation JP Morgan?
  3. Tell me about an instance when you handled the pressure well.
  4. Tell us about your previous experience working in a comparable industry.
  5. What do you consider to be your strong and weak points?
  6. What is your best attribute?
  7. Who is the company’s CEO?
  8. How would you respond to a teammate that doesn’t put up their best effort?
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