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What is the salary of American Express intern?

On March 18, 1850, the original company was established through the merger of three businesses engaged in the express transportation of goods, personal belongings, and specie among both New York City and Buffalo.

What is the salary of an American Express intern?

Interns at American Express make $43,000 a year, or $21 an hour, which is 36% more than the $30,000 per year average salary for all interns in the country and 42% less than the average salary for all working Americans.

Internship Opportunities

Summer Internship Undergraduate Program for Students:

You will get the opportunity to work on important initiatives that have a significant influence on the success of our teams throughout your 10-week internship. For college students starting their last year, this curriculum is developed.

Summer Internship Program for MBA:

You will acquire practical experience throughout your 10-week internship that will help you get closer to your ideal position. You’ll get the ability to work on initiatives that have a big influence on the company while pursuing your hobbies and developing your talents.

It’s an excellent chance to interact and develop relationships with coworkers, executives, and business experts. Once you graduate from college, the summer internships provide you with the opportunity to work for #teamamex on a full-time basis.


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