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What is the CGPA required for Goldman Sachs Internship?

Marcus Goldman established Goldman Sachs in 1869 in New York City. Samuel Sachs, the son-in-law of Goldman, started working there in 1882.

Goldman brought his son Henry and son-in-law Ludwig Dreyfuss into the company in 1885, and the company then took on its current name, Goldman Sachs & Co. The business joined the New York Stock Exchange in 1896 and was a pioneer in the use of commercial paper for business transactions. The company’s capital was $1.6 million in 1898.

By putting Sears, Roebuck, and Company on the public market in 1906, Goldman joined the initial public offering market.

Henry Goldman’s acquaintance with Sears owner Julius Rosenwald made the purchase possible. F. W. Woolworth and Continental Can were among the next companies to go public.

Henry S. Bowers was the first person outside of the founding family to join the business as a partner and get a cut of earnings in 1912.

Over the years, Goldman Sachs has become a very attractive destination for employees around the world. The company’s recruitment process is very rigorous so potential employees have resorted to internship programs offered by it to get in any chance of getting employed.

Goldman Sachs is a powerhouse with regard to internship programs.

What is the CGPA required for Goldman Sachs Internship?

The Cumulative Grade Point Average required for a Goldman Sachs internship is 3.5.

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