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What does INROADS do?

With just 25 undergraduate interns and 17 sponsored companies, Frank started INROADS in his native Chicago. Today, INROADS is a global organization with more than 28 locations that work with approximately 2,000 interns at more than 200 businesses.

For INROADS students, selection, education, training, and performance are the three essential factors in success.

Through the ongoing leadership development of exceptional students from ethnically diverse backgrounds and the configuration of those pupils in internship programs at many of North America’s top corporations, firms, and organizations, INROADS has been assisting businesses with increased access to diverse talent for more than 40 years.

What does INROADS do?

A non-profit organization called INROADS helps students in high schools and colleges around the nation who are from different ethnic backgrounds find their way to jobs.

The goal of INROADS is to provide cutting-edge initiatives for leadership development and existing solutions that help underprivileged talent be identified, developed faster, and elevated throughout their careers.

Inroads also provide;

  • Career Advising
  • Distinguished Fellowships
  • Employee Relations
  • Student Leadership Opportunities
  • Prehealth Advising
  • Graduate Student Professional Development


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