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What do Google interns do?

Google is one of the best top brands that have had a lot of applications coming through. Below are some of the details you need to know before having an internship with them:

What Benefits Can an Internship at Google Offer?

  • Trips to interesting places
  • Insurance cover
  • Good salary
  • Excellent mentoring and coaching

What Drawbacks Come with a Google Internship?

  • A lot of work to be done all the time
  • Competitive Environment, hence you need to be up on your game
  • Protracted and Exhausting Selection Process

What do Google interns do?

Interns at Google participate in a variety of teams, including software engineering, business, user experience, and others. Google provides several possibilities to develop with them and contribute to the creation of goods and services used by billions, with internships available all across the world.

Interns do a ton of work and team-building exercises. Within their group, each intern is given a project to work on.
They are also given a mentor who will check in with them once a week or as often as necessary to discuss their progress.

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