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UBC Outstanding International Student Award 2024

The University of British Columbia (UBC) is prominent for its commitment to academic excellence. The UBC offers various financial aids, scholarships, and awards exceeding $30 million yearly.

One very prominent thing is the UBC Outstanding International Student Award. It serves as a pathway to success for exceptional undergraduate students from all over the world.

UBC’s Dedication to Foreign Students

UBC is known for its commitment to providing students from diverse backgrounds with access to high-quality education. As one of the best international universities in North America and ranked within the top 40 globally, UBC offers a vibrant and inclusive environment conducive to learning, growth, and creativity.

UBC recognizes the potential of international students and aims to support them in realizing their goals.

The Outstanding Foreign Student Award at UBC

The UBC Outstanding International Student Award is a merit-based scholarship tailored to acknowledge the achievements of international students enrolling in undergraduate programs at UBC’s Vancouver campus.

The award comes with financial aid ranging from partial coverage to full tuition and fees. The award is guaranteed upon admission, regardless of final grades, making sure deserving students receive recognition for their achievements.

Qualification Standards

To be eligible for the UBC Outstanding International Student Award, candidates must meet these criteria:

1. Hold a valid student visa or study permit in Canada throughout their enrollment at UBC.
2. Exhibit significant extracurricular involvement, intellectual promise, and outstanding academic performance.
3. Not be nominated for an International Scholars grant based on merit and financial need.

Procedure for Applications

The process of applying for the UBC Outstanding International Student Award is embedded in the main UBC application process. Applicants must submit their applications to UBC by January 15 to be considered for the award.

By meeting the closing date, applicants are automatically considered for the scholarship. Decisions regarding scholarships are taken between mid-March and late April annually.

IMES Qualifications

To qualify for the IMES, candidates must:

  • be a first-time student at UBC coming straight out of high school.
  • maintain a valid student visa or study permit in Canada while enrolled at UBC.
  • Demonstrate incredible success in the classroom, intellectual promise, and outstanding extracurricular and community involvement.
  • not receive a nomination for an International Scholars grant determined by merit and need.
  • Application for IMES

The OIS, or Outstanding International Student Award

A one-time, merit-based entrance scholarship known as the Outstanding International Student (OIS) Award is given to eligible candidates upon their acceptance to UBC.

Applicants who demonstrate exceptional academic achievement and extracurricular involvement are recognised with this award. It is worth noting that there is no renewal period for the OIS Award.

International Welcome Award at UBC Okanagan

The UBC Okanagan International Welcome Award offers financial aid to international students thinking about attending UBC’s Okanagan campus.

For international students who apply to UBC and list a UBC Okanagan degree as their top choice, are accepted, and enrol in their desired programme, this award offers a $5,000 credit towards the first-year tuition fees. The first and second study terms share an equal portion of the award.

Eligibility for the Welcome Award

For the UBC Okanagan International Welcome Award, candidates need to be eligible for:

  • Become an international first-year student.
  • Make a UBC Okanagan degree their top priority.
  • be admitted to UBC Okanagan and placed in the degree programme of their choice.

Application for a Welcome Award

The UBC Okanagan International Welcome Award will be given automatically to accepted students who have made a UBC Okanagan degree their top choice. This award can be applied towards tuition costs.

The International Scholars Program’s advantages

The International Scholars Programme at UBC gives worldwide recognition, a supportive community of driven leaders, unique learning opportunities, and dedicated guidance for scholars throughout their degree.

Application Deadline: January 15, 2024

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