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TTI Bursary South Africa Monthly Allowance

The actual amount of the TTI Bursary South Africa allowance is not publicly known. However, the allowance covers the following expenses:

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  • Accommodation: This could include rent for student housing, a dorm room, or a shared living space.
  • Food: The allowance should provide enough for basic groceries and meals throughout the month.
  • Transportation: Covering bus or train fare, petrol for motorbike/car, or other relevant modes of transportation to get to and from university and essential errands.
  • Utilities: This might include electricity, water, and internet expenses related to your accommodation.
  • Study-related expenses:
  • Textbooks and course materials: The bursary will likely help with purchasing required textbooks, study guides, and other essential course materials.
  • Stationery and equipment: This could include notebooks, pens, calculators, laptops (if not provided by the university), and other essential equipment for your studies.
  • Internet access: Reliable internet access is crucial for online learning and research, and the allowance may cover subscription fees.

Additional support:

  • Healthcare: Some bursaries might offer a small allowance for basic healthcare needs, such as medication or doctor’s visits.
  • Personal expenses: While not the main focus, the allowance might provide a small amount for personal expenses like phone bills or clothing.

The purpose of the allowance is to reduce the financial burden on the students.

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