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Tripadvisor Internship requirements

Tripadvisor, Inc., headquartered in Needham, Massachusetts, operates online travel agencies, comparison shopping websites, and mobile apps with user-generated content.

As a travel guide company, Tripadvisor brings people, passions and places together. We aim to help make you a better traveller, from travel planning to booking and to take a trip.

TripAdvisor interns typically work at the Massachusetts headquarters, but there are sometimes internships in offices in 6 other countries. Interns work in the engineering, marketing, content, advertising, HR, or finance departments.

TripAdvisor’s partner sites like AirFareWatchDog, BookingBuddy, SmarterTravel, TravelPod, WhereIveBeen, and others also offer internships.

Tripadvisor Interns also receive hourly pay in the United States which is approximately $15.00, which is 10% above the national average.

Tripadvisor Internship requirements

To be eligible for Tripadvisor Internship, you will need to fulfil these basic requirements. You’ll need to be a;

  • ●  Students working towards a degree in their junior.
  • ●  Willingness and ability to take on new technologies. You do not need to have experience with all the technologies listed above, but you do need to be hungry to learn.
  • ●  Ability to break down complex problems into simple solutions.
  • ●  Strong analytical skills and desire to write clean, correct, and efficient code.
  • ● High-quality verbal and written communication skills.
  • ●  A sense of ownership, urgency, and pride in your work.
  • ●  People who can dedicate at least ten weeks between June and September 2023
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