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The AfriSam Bursary Allowance

The AfriSam Bursary program offers monthly allowances to its beneficiaries. While the exact amount of money allocated for allowance is currently undisclosed, the bursary covers a lot of expenses.

The AfriSam Bursary takes care of a range of expenses to help alleviate the financial difficulty of your studies in a field related to the construction industry. Below is a breakdown of what it typically covers:

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  • Tuition fees: This is the main expense covered by the bursary. It ensures you can focus on your studies without worrying about the cost of your education. It is worth noting that some bursaries only subsidize the tuition fees but pay it entirely. Read about the bursary allowance diligently.
  • Accommodation: Whether you’re living on campus or renting off-campus, the bursary can help cover the cost of your accommodation, providing you with a stable and comfortable place to live while you study.
  • Prescribed textbooks and course materials: Textbooks and other required course materials can be expensive, so the bursary can help alleviate this financial burden and ensure you have access to the resources you need to succeed in your studies.
    Additional allowances

In some cases, the bursary may also provide additional allowances for meals, stationery, and other study-related expenses. This can vary depending on the specific bursary program you’re applying for.

Monthly stipend for living expenses: Some bursary programs, like the ULCO bursary programme, offer a monthly stipend to cover your living expenses, such as groceries, transportation, and other personal costs.

You need to note that the exact coverage of the bursary can differ depending on several factors, including the specific program you apply for, your duration of study, and the university location.

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