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SpaceX internship salary

The idea behind SpaceX’s founding was that a world in which humans are out exploring the stars is inherently more intriguing than one in which we are not.

At SpaceX, we are working on technologies that might alter the trajectory of life on Earth and in other planetary systems.

We prioritise hiring top individuals and developing a merit-based culture because we think that putting in a lot of effort and coming up with novel ideas leads to significant rewards.

All SpaceX workers directly contribute to our aim of making mankind multiplanetary, from developing our interplanetary transportation system to collaborating with astronauts and establishing our Starlink high speed internet infrastructure.

Employees at SpaceX work on initiatives and projects every day that might have a significant influence on our lives both here on Earth and in the universe at large.

Our personnel take delight in finding solutions to challenging issues that might have a real influence on our future in space, whether it be the reusability of rockets, building global internet networks, or creating interplanetary transportation systems.

SpaceX internship salary

The average hourly wage for an engineering intern at SpaceX in the United States is $25.50, which is 48% more than the $17.22 national average. Hence, interns at SpaceX are paid a $4,080 median monthly salary.

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