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SpaceX internship acceptance rate

SpaceX was established on the principle that a world in which humans are out exploring the stars is, inherently, more intriguing than one in which we are not.

With the ultimate objective of enabling human existence on Mars, we are creating the technologies that will make this feasible.

In the summer of 2023, SpaceX is looking for exceptional students to join our engineering team. As an intern, you will collaborate directly alongside your mentor and other team members on initiatives that will have a big impact.

They will help you put your knowledge to use and develop your talents. Through alternative social and professional activities, you may also have fun and meet other interns and workers.

If you’ve proven that you’re dedicated to achieving academic achievement and have the drive to use what you’ve learned outside of the classroom,

SpaceX internship acceptance rate

Each year, SpaceX hires hundreds of interns, but there are a lot of applicants. The acceptance rate is about 33%, which is rather low when compared to businesses of a similar size.

To work as an engineering intern at SpaceX, you must be enrolled in a 4-year college or institution that is accredited in the field.

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