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Space X internship Program Interview process

SpaceX was established on the premise that humankind exploring the stars in the future is inherently more intriguing than one in which we do not. In order to enable human existence on Mars, we are creating the technologies that will make this feasible.

You will gain priceless hands-on experience in both internship and associate engineer roles that you cannot acquire in a classroom.

In addition to having a solid academic record, the most successful applicants for SpaceX’s internship programme have a history of making major contributions to practical extracurricular initiatives.

This is not your typical “internship”; as a member of the team, you will be given the same responsibility level as our full-time engineers.

In our Internship Overview Video, past SpaceX interns discuss their time in the internship programme.

Space X internship Program Interview process

A number of technical phone tests will be performed on candidates before they are chosen to interview with SpaceX.

Depending on the organisation you interview with, you could additionally need to do a project, a programming exam, or a quiz.

Our best recommendation is to be ready to discuss your most notable technological accomplishments and the difficulties you encountered.

Furthermore, how did you especially develop and advance your project? Be prepared to go into great detail about your unique project contribution. It’s also crucial to be aware of SpaceX’s goal and how it applies to your particular set of talents.

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