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Shawn Carter Foundation Phone number/Contact

Founded from music and compassion, the Shawn Carter Foundation (SCF) paves the way for underprivileged youth. Since 2002 of its establishment, its scholarships and support programs have tackled educational inequality head-on.

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The SCF’s driving force, the National Scholarship Fund, equips promising students with multi-year financial aid, irrespective of GPA. However, the provision of financial aid is not their only work. Workshops on life skills like finances and college prep equip scholars for success beyond the classroom.

Also, the organization collaborates with prominent institutions to open doors and provide valuable mentorship. With more than $80 million awarded and thousands of success stories, SCF’s impact is undeniable. SCF is prominent as a beacon of hope, proving education should be a right, not a privilege.

Shawn Carter Foundation Phone number/Contact

The Shawn Carter Foundation (SCF) prioritizes online communication for security and privacy reasons. However, you can still reach them through various channels:

Website: The SCF website acts as your central hub for information, scholarship applications, updates, and contact forms.

Email: If you are a scholarship recipient or have a specific inquiry, you can use the email address provided in your confirmation materials or fill out the contact form on the website. Reach them via:

Social Media: Contact SCF on Facebook and Twitter for updates, announcements, and inspiring stories from other scholars.

Phone Number: Although not actively promoted, a general contact number is listed on the SCF website under “Contact Us.” This number might be directed to voicemail or an email address for further communication.

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