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Shawn Carter Foundation login

Founded in 2002 by Jay-Z and his mother, Gloria Carter, the Shawn Carter Foundation (SCF) gives scholarships to less privileged youth through education. The organizations mission is to bridge the opportunity gap by offering scholarships and support programs.

The core of SCF’s work lies in the National Scholarship Fund, offering multi-year scholarships to brilliant students facing financial difficulties. They go beyond finances, with educational workshops and partnerships with prominent institutions like the Wharton School of Business.

With over $80 million awarded to more than 4,000 students, SCF’s impact is undeniable. If you’re a US citizen or permanent resident with a 2.0 GPA, financial need, and a passion for learning and community service, SCF might be the key to unlocking your educational dreams. Applications for the National Scholarship Fund typically open in January, so visit their website ( for more information and start your journey toward a brighter future.

Shawn Carter Foundation login

The Shawn Carter Foundation does not have a dedicated login portal for scholarship recipients or participants. However, there are a few ways you can stay connected and access relevant information:

Email: If you are a scholarship recipient, you should have received an email address for contacting the foundation. You can use this email to communicate with them about any questions, updates, or requests. Contact them via

Website: The SCF website is your first source for information and updates. Visit the website for announcements and news regarding scholarship recipients and program activities.

Social Media: Follow the SCF on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter updates, events, and inspirational stories from other scholars.

Newsletter: You can sign up for the SCF newsletter on their website to receive updates directly in your inbox.

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