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Shawn Carter Foundation Address

Founded by Jay-Z and Gloria Carter, the organization tackles educational inequality head-on. Since its inception in 2002, they have empowered less privileged youth through scholarships and support programs, bridging the gap that often hinders access to higher education.

The National Scholarship Fund is prominent as their backbone, providing multi-year financial aid to brilliant students irrespective of their GPA. But SCF goes beyond money. They empower the beneficiaries with crucial skills through workshops on finances, college readiness, and career development.

Also, it collaborates with institutions like the Wharton School of Business to broaden opportunities and provide valuable mentorship.

With over $80 million awarded and 4,000 success stories, SCF’s impact is undeniable. If you’re a US citizen/permanent resident with a 2.0 GPA, financial need, and a thirst for knowledge, consider SCF as your stepping stone to a brighter future.

Applications for the National Scholarship Fund open in January, so visit their website unlock your potential. Remember, they operate online primarily and don’t share a physical address.

Shawn Carter Foundation Address

The organization operates primarily through online platforms and virtual communication. However, you can connect with them in various ways:

Email: If you’re a scholarship recipient or have a specific inquiry, you can reach them via the email address provided in your scholarship confirmation or through the contact form on their website. Their email address is

Social Media: Follow them on Facebook: Twitter for updates, announcements, and inspirational stories from other scholars.

  • C/O Bessemer Trust 1271 Avenue of The Americas
  • New York City, NY 10020,
  • United States
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