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SETA Bursary 2024 Closing Date

As of now, there is no single SETA Bursary with a universal closing date in 2024. This is because there are many bursaries offered by the Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs), each managing its program with distinct timelines and eligibility requirements.

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Below are some examples of closing dates for specific SETA bursaries in 2024:

  • Chieta SETA Bursary: This bursary closed on December 31, 2023.
  • Services SETA Bursary: This bursary closed on January 8, 2024.
  • SANBI Bursary: Closed on January 19, 2024.

If you want to find the closing date for the bursary you are interested in, you’ll need to identify the relevant SETA. Here’s how:

Explore the list of SETA agencies:

  • This official webpage provides a directory of all 23 SETAs, along with links to their websites: [](
  • Visit the specific SETA agency’s website:
  • After identifying the SETA relevant to your field of study, go to their website and search for their bursary program. Look for sections titled “Bursaries,” “Financial Aid,” or similar keywords.
  • Check the bursary program details:

On each SETA bursary program webpage, you will find specific information like:

Eligibility criteria: Required qualifications, academic performance, financial need, among others.

Funding benefits: This includes expenses that are covered (tuition, accommodation, books, etc.) and the funding amount.

Application deadlines: The specific closing date for applications.

4. Apply before the deadline: Remember, each SETA bursary has its unique closing date. ensure to submit your application well in advance to avoid missing out on the opportunity.

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