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REFORM Alliance 2024/2025

REFORM Alliance, established in 2019, has emerged as a prominent voice in the ongoing conversation about criminal justice reform in the United States. But what exactly is REFORM Alliance, and what goals does it pursue?

At its core, REFORM Alliance focuses on reforming the probation and parole systems, which, in the US, currently oversee millions of individuals. The organization’s primary mission is to transform these systems from punitive frameworks into pathways for successful reintegration and rehabilitation.

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REFORM Alliance advocates for changes at multiple levels:

  • Legislative reform: Lobbying for policy changes such as restricting automatic reincarceration for technical violations, expanding access to resources like employment support, and promoting fairer sentencing laws.
  • Systems reform: Collaborating with justice system stakeholders to implement data-driven practices and improve supervision models for individuals on probation or parole.
  • Cultural shift: Raising public awareness about the challenges faced by individuals returning to society, advocating for empathy and understanding, and combating negative stereotypes associated with the criminal justice system.

Founded by a diverse group of individuals including rapper Meek Mill, entrepreneur Michael Rubin, and businessman Robert F. Smith, REFORM Alliance leverages various approaches to achieve its goals. Public campaigns, partnerships with advocacy organizations, and research initiatives are all part of the organization’s ongoing efforts.

REFORM Alliance has already witnessed successes, including influencing legislative reforms in states like New York and Illinois. However, the organization acknowledges the long road ahead in achieving systemic change.

By focusing on concrete policy changes, promoting data-driven solutions, and fostering public understanding, REFORM Alliance strives to create a justice system that prioritizes rehabilitation, reduces recidivism, and strengthens communities.

If you’re interested in learning more about REFORM Alliance’s work or supporting its mission, you can visit their website at By engaging with organizations like REFORM Alliance, we can all contribute to the vital conversation on reforming the criminal justice system in the US.

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