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REFORM Alliance CEO: Who is REFORM Alliance CEO?

REFORM Alliance, a prominent organization advocating for criminal justice reform in the United States, is currently led by Robert Rooks. An experienced leader with a deep understanding of the issues and a proven track record of success, Rooks took the helm as CEO in March 2023, succeeding founding CEO Van Jones.

Rooks brings over two decades of expertise in the field of social justice, having honed his skills as a grassroots organizer, strategist, and movement leader. He has played a pivotal role in securing landmark reforms across the country, addressing issues such as mass incarceration, probation and parole reform, and racial disparities in the criminal justice system.

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His personal story further fuels his passion for reform. Growing up in Dallas, Texas, Rooks witnessed firsthand the devastating impact of the crack cocaine epidemic on his community. This experience instilled in him a deep empathy for those caught up in the system and an unwavering commitment to fighting for a fairer and more just society.

Duties Of CEO

As CEO of REFORM Alliance, Rooks oversees the organization’s diverse initiatives, which include:

  • Policy advocacy: Working with policymakers at all levels to enact legislation that reduces incarceration rates, expands opportunities for rehabilitation, and eliminates discriminatory practices.
  • Community engagement: Building partnerships with local organizations and individuals most affected by the criminal justice system to amplify their voices and advocate for change.
  • Public education: Raising awareness about the injustices within the system and promoting solutions through research, media campaigns, and educational programs.

Rooks’ leadership has already made a significant impact. Under his guidance, REFORM Alliance has expanded its reach, secured new partnerships, and played a key role in recent legislative victories, including the passage of the First Step Act of 2018 and the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act of 2019.

Looking ahead, Rooks remains focused on REFORM Alliance’s ambitious goals of reducing the prison population by half, ending racial disparities in sentencing, and creating a more humane and equitable justice system. His commitment to collaboration, strategic planning, and unwavering advocacy will be essential in achieving these objectives.

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