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Poland Student Visa Interview Questions And Answers 2024

Are you dreaming of studying in Poland? Great! But the visa interview can be nerve-wracking. Don’t worry, this guide will help you ace it. In 2023, only 11.6% of student visas were rejected, so with good preparation, you’re likely to get yours.

What will the interviewer ask? This guide covers common interview questions and the best ways to answer them. Relax, be honest, and show your excitement about studying in Poland.

Ready to learn? Let’s dive in.

Poland Student Visa Interview Questions And Answers

The embassy usually asks students a few things once they’re seated and have submitted their documents. Here are some common questions and how you can answer them:

1. Why Did You Choose Poland?

This question is a common hurdle during your Poland visa interview. Don’t worry, it’s not a trick! Here’s how to answer it confidently:

  • Avoid the “Cheap Option” Trap: Saying you chose Poland because it’s cheap can raise red flags.
  • Focus on Growth and Opportunity: Instead, highlight Poland’s positive aspects:
  • Thriving Economy: Mention its growing economy and flourishing industries.
  • Educational Investment: Point out the focus on education and research, citing sources like the EU website.
  • University Rankings: Briefly mention the rise of Polish universities in international rankings.

Craft Your Answer:

  • Research: Use Google to find recent news about Poland’s development, education, and university rankings.
  • Genuine Interest: Show your genuine interest in studying in Poland, not just its affordability.

Example Answer:

“I chose Poland because of its impressive economic growth and development in key industries. This commitment to progress extends to education, with increasing investment and rising university rankings. I see Poland as a dynamic environment with excellent opportunities for my studies and future career.”

2. Why Did You Not Start The Course In Your Home Country?

The interviewer might ask why you didn’t choose your desired course in your own country.

Here’s a straightforward answer:

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  • You already have a good foundation with your existing education (14/16 years or intermediate).
  • You have the resources to pursue an international degree and contribute to your home country later.
  • The specific program you want isn’t available in your country, even though other options might be.
  • You prioritize the quality of education offered in Poland.

3. Is The Course Offered In Any University In Your Country?

This is a big question. When choosing a study abroad program, look for unique specializations not readily available in your home country. This could be something like auto robotics, neural sensing, or green energy.

Answer honestly:

  • Mention your preferred specialization.
  • Explain why it’s less common in your country.
  • Show your genuine interest in the field and its future potential.


  • Saying all courses are available back home.
  • Focusing solely on the rarity of the program.

4. Why Did You Select The University For Your Studies?

The interviewer wants to understand your passion for your studies and why Poland is your choice.

Focus on:

  • Why does this specific program motivate you?
  • Why studying abroad in Poland matters to you.
  • What makes this university the perfect fit for your program?

Here’s how to answer:

  • Highlight unique aspects of the program offered by this university.
  • Mention specific facilities or faculty that drew you to the program.
  • Show genuine enthusiasm and a clear understanding of the program and university.


  • Generic statements about wanting to study abroad.
  • Focusing solely on the university’s reputation without mentioning the program itself.

5. How Many Universities In Poland Have You Applied To?

The interviewer wants to know why you chose this specific university over others.

Answer honestly:

  • Mention several universities offering your desired program.

  • Explain why you applied to these specific universities (admission requirements, etc.).

  • State that you received offers but ultimately chose this university.


  • Saying you only applied to this university.
  • Offering generic reasons without specifics.

6. When Are Your Classes Starting?

This is an easy one. Before your interview, know the exact start date of your program. This information is usually provided in your admission letter or on the university website.

7. Your Family/Support System Background

Here’s a simpler version:

Number 7: Your Finances

The interviewer will ask about your financial support for your studies. Be honest and clear about your funding:

  • If self-funded: Explain your financial situation and how you will cover the costs.
  • If sponsored: Mention your sponsor (e.g., uncle) and their relationship to you.
  • Provide evidence: Briefly explain your sponsor’s financial stability (e.g., business ownership).

8. Where Did You Hear About The University?

This is another important question, so be ready! The interviewer wants to understand your thought process behind choosing this specific university.

Answer honestly:

  • Briefly mention how you researched universities after choosing Poland (e.g., bachelor/master portals).
  • Explain why you ultimately chose this university:
    • Program features that appealed to you
    • Faculty expertise or research opportunities
    • Location advantages or personal connection
  • Mention the specific university you applied to.

9. Your Previous Educational History

Briefly describe your educational journey in your home country. Mention scholarships and academic awards received to keep the official impressed and interested in your academic ability.

10. How Did You Apply To The University?

If you applied through an agent, it is important to keep that message to yourself as it might hinder your chances of getting your visa. The best answer to give is to say you did the application yourself with your laptop or phone through their admission portal.

11. Have You Applied Through Any Agent?

Just like the 10, you say you applied it yourself.

12. How Much Did You Pay For Application Fee?

If you have paid, tell them how you paid (Western Union or online). Give them all the details you can remember to show you know what you’re doing and haven’t forgotten. Make sure they believe you’re on top of things.

13. How Much Did You Pay For Tuition?

Tell them the actual amount charged for tuition, when you paid, and how much you paid. If possible, show receipts.

14. When Did You Start Your Admission Process?

This is to help them determine your seriousness. To be on the safer side, you answer them with the exact time frame you started the application process.

15. Do You Have Family Members Living In Poland?

Answer in the affirmative if you have.

16. Do Plan On Returning To Your Country After Studies?

This happens to be one of the difficult questions although it is simple at first glance. Let them know you would want to return to your country.

How To Appear For Poland Interview

What to wear for your interview:

  • Dress professionally: Avoid jeans and polos. Opt for pants or trousers with a shirt instead. Look neat and clean.
  • Comfort matters: Don’t wear anything you feel uncomfortable in, like a tie. It’s optional anyway.
  • Be prepared for security: Minimize metal items like watches and belts. You might need to remove them. Leave your phone outside.

Interview setup:

  • After security, you’ll sit at a window with a microphone.
  • The interviewer may speak your language but will likely use English. Knowing English is important. Polish is a bonus.

Remember, this is just a general guide. Check the specific embassy website for any additional dress code requirements. Good luck with your interview.

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