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PG Group Bursary South Africa Conduct Details

The PG Group, a diverse South African investment company, offers bursary programs to support South African students at various levels. PG Group Bursary typically targets high achievers with financial needs who are interested in fields relevant to the PG Group’s businesses, like engineering or finance.

While specific eligibility and benefits differ between programs, you can find details on their website, by contacting them directly, or through bursary portals and university financial aid offices. If you are interested in the PG Group Bursary, you need to conduct thorough research and understand individual program requirements.

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This will help you find the perfect PG Group bursary to meet your educational needs. Below are the eligibility requirements.

General Eligibility Criteria of PG Group Bursary:

Academic Merit: Most programs require a strong academic record, often with a minimum average percentage in your previous studies.

Financial Need: Demonstrating financial need is often a key factor in receiving a bursary. This may involve submitting your household income or proving financial hardship.

Field of Study: Many PG Group bursaries focus on fields relevant to their businesses, such as engineering, finance, or property. So, being enrolled in a related program would be advantageous.

South African Citizenship or Residency: Typically, these bursaries are only available to South African citizens or permanent residents.

PG Group Bursary South Africa Conduct Details

If you want to make any queries related to the PG Group Bursary programme, please contact the PG Group directly:

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