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NYDA Bursary Portal 2024/2025

The NYDA offers several assistance to aid South African youth who want to acquire higher education. The bursary covers courses like information technology, healthcare, science, and mathematics among others.

The NYDA bursary is only accessible to deserving South African citizens and permanent residents. Apart from being a citizen, the applicant must demonstrate financial need and good academic performance.

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NYDA Bursary Portal

There is no single “NYDA Bursary portal” that takes care of all bursary applications. It is worth noting that the application process for each NYDA bursary differs, and they do not currently have a centralized platform for submitting applications across all opportunities.

Below are the procedures on how to navigate bursary applications on the NYDA platform:

  1. Identify your desired bursary: Browse the available bursaries on the NYDA website: (

On each bursary’s webpage, you will find details about eligibility criteria, covered courses, and application procedures.

Access the application method:

Contact the NYDA helpline (0800 58 58 58) or visit your nearest NYDA branch for assistance with finding bursaries and guidance on application procedures. Consider alternative funding options like government grants, loans, or scholarships offered by universities or private organizations.

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