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NYDA Bursary Allowance

Like all bursaries in South Africa, the NYDA bursary offers allowances to its beneficiaries. The sole aim if the allowance is to alleviate the financial burdens that come with studying. You must remember that the bursary only caters for deserving South African citizens or permanent residents. More so, people from historically disadvantaged backgrounds.

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NYDA Bursary Allowance

The “allowance” aspect of NYDA bursaries can vary depending on the specific bursary. While the exact amount paid for each beneficiary is currently undisclosed, the bursary covers many things. Below is a breakdown of what the NYDA typically covers:

Full Support:

  • Solomon Mahlangu Scholarship Fund (SMSF): This comprehensive financial aid bursary covers tuition fees, accommodation, living expenses, and even study books/equipment allowances. However, it gives priority to financially disadvantaged students from rural/semi-rural areas and townships.

Other Full Coverage: Some bursaries offered by partner organizations like Eskom or Clover might also offer full coverage, including tuition, accommodation, and living expenses, but often come with specific field study requirements.

Partial Support:

Tuition Fees: Many bursaries primarily cover tuition fees, easing the financial burden of education costs.

Accommodation & Living Expenses: Some bursaries might subsidize a portion of accommodation and living expenses, but not necessarily cover them entirely.

Specific Allowances: Certain bursaries might provide specific allowances for books, equipment, or travel, offering partial support in these areas.

Factors Affecting Allowances:

  • Bursary Type: The scope and focus of the bursary itself determine the extent of financial support. Full scholarships like SMSF offer more comprehensive coverage compared to those focused solely on tuition fees.
  • Funding Provider: Partner organizations might have different budgetary allocations and set varying allowance amounts for their bursaries.
  • Individual Needs: In some cases, needs assessments might be conducted to determine individual funding requirements, adjusting allowances accordingly.

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