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NPR internship salary

At NPR, interns are given practical, hands-on work right away. Interns at NPR perform important work in a range of divisions while collaborating with top industry experts. Learn how you may offer your many skills to a growing multimedia organization’s core while gaining priceless experience.

Nearly every sector of NPR, from NPR News and Music to Communications and Engineering, depends heavily on interns for day-to-day operations.

The mission of NPR is to build a better-educated public, thus the organization is dedicated to having a workplace that values different and distinctive viewpoints.

Employment consideration is given to qualified candidates without regard to their age, race, colour, racial background, national origin, ancestry, religion, sexual orientation, gender, sexual orientation, and gender identity, transgender status, gender–anti-status, intersex status, sexual generalizations, nationality, citizenship status, or physical appearance.

NPR internship salary

Every intern receives $17.00 per hour of pay. Although there is flexibility depending on the position, internships are normally full-time, clocking in around 40 hours per week.

The job ad will make note of any part-time opportunities.

For an internship, who may apply?

Candidates must be enrolled full-time (in an authorized degree program) or have graduated within the past 12 months to be eligible. High school kids cannot enrol with us.

How can I submit an internship application to [certain department]?

Candidates can narrow down their chances by looking for a particular division in the internship listings.

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