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Nike internship salary

To assist potential interns in determining what is best for them, Nike provides the Find Your Fit tool. Therefore, Nike features internships that can match your skill set and areas of interest, whether you are a business student or a graphic designer.

Visit Nike’s page first, and then choose the location you want to work in.

Take note that lists are organized by nation, not by state or province. You will be asked to provide some basic information after selecting your location, such as “What do you plan to pursue in a career?” and “What characteristics best characterize you?” You are given a selection of potential answers to each inquiry.

Nike internship salary

The average hourly wage for NIKE Interns in the United States is about $20.00, which is 40% more than the national average.

The average hourly wage for an intern at NIKE is $27. In our proprietary Total Pay Estimate model, which is based on wages gathered from our customers, this value indicates the median, which is the middle of the range.

The base compensation is anticipated to be $21 per hour. $5 an hour is the projected increased salary. Bonuses, stocks, commissions, profit-sharing, and tips are all possible forms of additional compensation.

The numbers in the “Most Likely Range” fall between the 25th and the 75th percentile of all the payment information that is currently available for this position.

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