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Michael Jordan Foundation requirements

The Michael Jordan Foundation currently operates under the James R. Jordan Foundation (JRJFI). They don’t have open calls for individual grants or scholarships. The primary focus of JRJFI is on supporting existing programs and partnerships with organizations serving less privileged communities.

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However, depending on your goals, there are a few ways to potentially connect with the JRJFI or explore similar avenues.

Michael Jordan Foundation requirements

  • Eligibility: If you represent a program addressing education, health, or global development needs in less privileged communities, you could explore partnership opportunities with the JRJFI. Specific requirements are not publicly listed. Their website throws more light on areas like early childhood education, literacy, STEM, healthcare access, and healthy lifestyles, and empowers women and girls. Organizations with good track records, impactful programs, and alignment with the JRJFI’s mission would hold greater potential for collaboration.
  • Contact: Get in touch with the JRJFI via their “Contact Us” page on the website. Introduce your organization, its goal, and how you see potential alignment with its mission. Provide any relevant information about your programs, impact, and areas of expertise. The foundation might then guide you towards potential opportunities or further steps for consideration.

Scholarship alternatives

Since the JRJFI does not offer scholarships, explore other foundations and non-profits in your field of study. Volunteer with partner organizations Consider volunteering with organizations partnered with the JRJFI.

Doing so will allow you to gain experience, contribute to their initiatives, etc. You can find details about their partner programs on the JRJFI website under the “Programs” section.:

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