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Merck internship interview questions

As one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Merck is always on the lookout for talented interns to help carry the company’s goals forward. If you are hoping to land an internship position at m you need to get prepared to answer some tough questions.

However, you need not be worried, as we will give you possible sample questions to help you prepare for your internship interview at Merck.

Possible Merck internship interview questions?

  • How well do you cooperate with others?
  • How will you handle a conflict between your coworker or a supervisor?
  • How will you describe your communication skills?
  • Who is the founder of Merck company?
  • Tell us your professional goals for the next five years.
  • What is your biggest weakness and how are you working to improve it?
  • What difference do you expect to make at Merck?
  • Can you work independently or prefer to be closely supervised?
  • How well will you work under pressure?
  • Why are interested to intern with Merck?
  • What is your biggest strength?
  • What will you like to do in your free time?
  • Mention some Merck core values.
  • How would your reference describe you?
  • Do you exhibit leadership qualities even when you are leading?
  • What kind of degree are you working towards?
  • What makes the best person for this position?
  • What will you do when you are given an assignment you are not familiar with on how to complete the task?
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