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KAA Gent Football Club Scholarship 2024/2025

KAA Gent also known as Koninklijke Atletiek Associatie Gent in full, is a Belgian sports club with a long history. Established in 1864, the field hockey and track and field divisions are some of the oldest in Belgium.

The football team joined in 1900. Nicknamed “The Buffalos,” the football team plays in the Belgian Pro League, donning blue and white colors. The club’s impressive Ghelamco Arena has a capacity of more than 20,000.

KAA Gent has achieved significant success in Belgian football. They played in the top league for two stretches: 1913-14 to 1928-29 and 1936-37 to 1966-67.

 Trophies Won by KAA Gent Football Club

KAA Gent’s trophy cabinet is not impressive but they have collected some silverware throughout their history. Here’s a summary of their major achievements:

  • Belgian First Division: Champions once (2014-15)
  • Belgian Cup: Winners four times (1963-64, 1983-84, 2009-10, 2021-22)
  • Belgian Super Cup: Winners once (2015)

KAA Gent Football Club Academy

KAA Gent Football Club has no football academy. The club prioritizes youth development through their “Elk Talent Telt” (Every Talent Counts) project.

This initiative, in partnership with the city of Ghent, focuses on social inclusion through sports activities. They also run a “Referee Academy” which uses experienced referees to mentor new ones.

Online Application for KAA Gent Football Club Academy Scholarship

There is no information about an online application as the club does not have a fully-fledged football academy. Contact them through their website and make inquiries about how to join their youth development programs.

Entry Requirements for KAA Gent Football Club Academy Scholarships

  • Age: Most academies recruit young children between 8 and 12 years old.
  • Playing Ability: Exceptional talent and a strong foundation in football skills will be some of the top requirements.
  • Academic Performance: Academic performance is also considered in some academies.
  • Location: Residing within a reasonable distance from the club might be an advantage, enabling easier participation in training sessions.

How Much Does it Cost to Join KAA Gent Football Club Academy?

The exact cost of joining KAA Gent Football Club’s youth development program is not known. Contact them to make inquiries about it.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply to Join KAA Gent Football Club Academy

The eligibility criteria include age in the range of 8 to 12, strong academic record and exceptional talent.

Benefit Of Applying for KAA Gent Football Club Football Academy Scholarship

Access to top-quality training facilities. You will have the opportunity to play alongside other talented young players. Experienced coaches train the youths to become professional players.

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