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Johnson and Johnson undergraduate internships

The oldest and most widely recognized manufacturer of health-related products, including medicines, personal care items, and medical equipment is Johnson & Johnson.

Band-Aids, Johnson’s Baby essentials, Aveeno, and Neutrogena are some of Johnson & Johnson’s well-known trademarks, while Janssen, the company’s pharmaceutical subsidiary, generates nearly 45% of the company’s sales.

Robert, Edward, and James Johnson, 3 brothers, constituted Johnson & Johnson. In 1886, the company was started in New Brunswick, New Jersey. They originally concentrated on making infant supplies as well as wound care items like bandages and staples.\

Johnson and Johnson undergraduate internships

Johnson and Johnson are seeking motivated individuals who are prepared to immediately and quantitatively transform the world and introduce additional concepts, goods, and services to existence.

In order to improve the daily lives and well-being of individuals everywhere, we need your assistance. Therefore, in order to qualify, the candidate must :

Based on the internship, be enrolled in classes for a bachelor’s degree or higher. Students must grasp at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA and have exceptional analytical and numerical abilities.

Have a strong sense of leadership and exceptional communication and presentation expertise.

Competent to manage various projects and objectives while retaining a keen sense of urgency


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