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Johnson and Johnson research and development internship pay

Johnson and Johnson are can that uses technology and the power of teamwork to discover new techniques to solve some of the world’s most challenging healthcare problems.

The company leverages real-world insight and creative minds in the industry to create life-changing medicines and healthcare products. J&J seeks to change the status quo in healthcare and bring in groundbreaking ideas to help people thrive in all stages of their lives. 

As an intern working at J&J, you will have the opportunity to impact the lives of billions of people every day. You will also be part of a breakthrough that will change the future of healthcare in many ways.  You will be inspired and you will also inspire people around the world to change how they take care of themselves and those they love.

Are you ready to redefine healthcare? If  want to amplify your impact then the J&J research and development internship program is for you

An overview of research and development internship 

J & JR & D  of the development of advanced materials, risk management, process improvement, and mechanical testing across all sectors such as pharmaceuticals.

The company also offers fast-moving cross-functional technology advancement and a suitable corporate environment to help you develop your engineering and scientific skills. 

As an intern, you will have the opportunity to learn about anatomy, Deformities, disease states, and the surgical procedures used to treat these problems conditions. 

Life as a research and development intern at J&J

The R&D internship gives students real-life hands-on experience, coaching,  mentoring, and the opportunity to network and meet people from different schools all over the country.

However, the company plans to hire about 150 or more across several positions within research and development.  Each intern will be given a role and specific project for the four months internship period. 

Johnson and Johnson research and development internship pay

The anticipated base wage range for a sophomore position is $20/hr, junior is 50/hr and senior is $22.50/hr . The anticipated pay range for graduates is;

MBA position is $50/hr, PhD is $50/hr and Master’s’s is $27-36/hr

  • The summer period is from May 2023 to August 2023
  • The internship can be virtual or remote while others will be on-site and may n
  • Career mentorship will be given with endless  networking opportunities 
  • Some positions may give an e-time housing stipend if you are designated to work onsite. 
  • Full-time availability  of 40 hours a week 
  • The pay rate depends on the grade level at the time of the offer.
  • Some teams may offer extended periods for internships.

The available internship roles include 

  • Pharmacometrics 
  • Drug development 
  • Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics
  • Automation 
  • Orthopedics 
  • Medical writing 
  • Data analytics and data management 
  • Global product development 
  • Software testing 
  • Women’s Health 
  • Scientific computing 
  • Biomedical testing
  • Development engineering 
  • Customer quality investigations 

Available Locations but not limited to this

Even though locations or facilities have been aligned to internships assignments can be remote or virtual due to the auntiesVID-19

  • New Jersey 
  • Pennsylvania
  • South San Francisco 
  • San Diego
  • Santa Ana and more

Job Qualifications

  • Candidates should be legally authorized to be in the United States without  
  • Candidates should be enrolled in an accredited university at the time of applying for the internship and pursuing a  bachelor, master, or Ph.D. program
  • Should have a minimum of 2.8 GPA 
  • Should possess excellent communication skills,  presentation, and leadership skills
  • Complete an undergraduate freshmen year at an  accredited university 
  • Should have the ability to balance multiple initiatives while achieving results
  • Candidates should demonstrate strong analytical and quantitative skills 
  • Candidates should be self-starters and be able to work independently while contributing to the team
  • Candidates should have a proven record of leadership or participation in campus programs or community services.


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