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J.P. Morgan Data Science Intern salary

J.P. Morgan is a leader in financial services globally, providing solutions to more than 100 nations’ most significant institutions, governments, and enterprises.

The JPMorgan Data Science Internship offers excellence at the nexus of data science, industry knowledge, and research.

Data science interns will work closely with traders and salespeople to alter the organization’s businesses using data by using the most recent data science methodologies to the firm’s distinctive data assets.

As a Data Science intern, J.P. Morgan provides excellent benefits for all phases of your life, such as healthcare and insurance plans, maternity and paternity leaves, wellness initiatives, retirement savings and pension plans, adoption grants, and financial aid for college.

J.P. Morgan Data Science Intern salary

JPMorgan Data Science Interns make an hourly income of $60 which translates to an average income of $125,000 per year. This is 81% more than the $53,000 average compensation for all Data Science Interns nationwide and 62% more than the average wage for all working Americans.

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