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Is it hard to get into Rolls Royce internship?

A global aerospace and defence business based in Britain, Rolls-Royce Holdings was established in February 2011. The firm owns Rolls-Royce, a corporation that currently designs, produces, and sells power systems for aviation and other sectors. Rolls-Royce was founded in 1904.

The second-largest manufacturer of aviation engines in the world, Rolls-Royce also has significant operations in the energy and marine propulsion industries.

When defence revenues were taken into account, Rolls-Royce was the 16th largest defence contractor in the world in 2018. An incredible opportunity to get priceless experience is an internship at Rolls Royce.

You will have a significant effect on ongoing projects as you immerse yourself in the Rolls Royce company, whether you select an engineering, operations, or business program.

We offer 10-week summer internships in addition to 12-month internships, so you may pick the program that best fits your course of study. If you do well, you could be given a spot in one of our graduate development programs after you finish your studies. You’ll learn from our multicultural and bright workforce.

Is it hard to get into Rolls Royce internship?

The business has a big demand for graduates, hiring 120 to 160 each year. But that does not imply that it will accept any degree from anyone. Rolls-Royce anticipates you to receive a 2.1 or above.

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