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Is it hard to get into Cisco internship?

Cisco is one of the best and top companies with numerous awards. Cisco was ranked #3 in World’s Best Workplaces, #1 US Best Workplaces and #2 in the US as a Military friendly employer in 2022, thus, the competition is quite intense but not hard to get into a Cisco internship.

Cisco thrive to tailor to your interests, involvement, and goals. Our team is enthusiastic, driven, and focused on your career growth. We will work to develop and coach you through mentoring and regular check-ins.

If you are looking to intern at Cisco, these are a few tips;

  • You need to start early. You can start attending events and creating networks to help you when you are ready to go after your internship at Cisco, you should also get to know your recruiters.
  • Freshmen and sophomores intending to intern at Cisco should keep themselves updated. You need to be updated about the news of Cisco internship programs, when they are available, which locations are they usually available at, how to apply, etc.
  • Applicants need to research the company, what they are about, the recruitment procedures, requirements for the program they intend to get into. Most times applicants know nothing about the company they intend to intern at.
  • Freshmen and sophomores should work on their resumes, tailoring them to the program they want to get into. Elaborate on achievements, innovations made, tech problems solved, skills they possess and what they can do.

Is it hard to get into Cisco internship?

Applicants should get in touch with former interns or employees at Cisco for guidance and firsthand information. This is what Dave Abbott a former intern, current Cisco ambassador at Virginia Tech, and a future full-time employee has to say:

“Polish up that resume! You don’t have to have 8 different internships and 14 various leadership experiences. Just bring yourself and be genuine and be able to demonstrate what skills you do possess. Talk about what you’re doing in class and any work you’ve done outside of Cisco, and make sure you relate it to how it could apply to an internship with Cisco.

“Make sure you understand what Cisco does! You don’t need to be an IT genius. But a 10-minute search can go a long way. Pro tip: bring up current events. Mergers, competitors, and even what the recruiter’s thoughts are on the new CEO change. These tidbits of research go a VERY long way.”

If you’re considering interning at Cisco, DO IT!!!

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