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Is it difficult to get into World Bank for internship?

As we all know, the World Bank is a financial institution. One of its primary aims is to provide loans and grants to the governments of low- and middle-income countries for the purpose of pursuing capital projects.

As a result of that, many professionals who have pursued courses in line with their operation do have the urge to pursue their internship with the firm.

To be eligible for an Internship, candidates must have an undergraduate degree and be enrolled in a full-time graduate study program (pursuing a master’s degree or PhD with plans to return to school full-time). There is no age limit.

Fluency in English is required. Knowledge of languages such as French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, and Chinese is desirable. Other skills such as computing skills are advantageous.

The World Bank values diversity in our workplace and encourages all qualified individuals, particularly women, with diverse professional and academic backgrounds to apply. Our aim is to attract and recruit the best talent in the world.

Checks made revealed that the World Bank Internship Program typically seeks candidates for: Operations (Front Line) in the following fields: economics, finance, human development (public health, education, nutrition, population), social sciences (anthropology, sociology), agriculture, environment, engineering, urban planning, natural resources management, private sector development, and other related fields; or Corporate support (Accounting, Communications, Human Resources Management, Information Technology, Treasury, and other corporate services).

The World Bank pays an hourly salary to all Interns and, where applicable, provides an allowance toward travel expenses of up to $3,000 at the discretion of the manager. These travel expenses can only include transport expenses (airfare) to or from the duty station city.

Interns are responsible for their own accommodations. Driven by business needs, most Intern positions are based in Washington, DC with a few others in the World Bank country offices. Usually, internship opportunities are for a minimum of four weeks.

Is it difficult to get into World Bank for internship?

To qualify for an internship at the World Bank comes solely from hard work.  Close to 150 to 200 applicants are given the opportunity to have their internship with the World Bank.

Currently, applications are open through January 31st for the Summer Internship Term.

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