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Is getting an internship at Facebook hard?

With no need for questions, one of the most difficult experiences is interning at Facebook. Facebook utilizes the work that interns produce. Facebook’s interns work on initiatives that the firm will implement into either new or current products.

Because of this, there is a tremendous demand for excellent work and no place for subpar work. With more than 50,000 staff and 2.8 billion active members, Facebook is the most popular social networking site.

Additionally, there are several advantages to working for this computer behemoth, including a satisfying salary. After graduation, just having this job experience under your belt might help you launch a rewarding career.

Is getting an internship at Facebook hard?

This is no doubt that the 12-week Facebook or State of play internships are among the prestigious internships with the highest salary, making them exceedingly tough to get.

Although there is fierce competition, it is worth it because of the benefits and the priceless job experience you will get. Nor to note the opportunity to get hired full-time after the internship, which is the cherry on top.

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