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INROADS Internship Program Salary

Students from various ethnic origins in high school and college can get assistance from the NGO INROADS in finding their path to fulfilling careers. They provide students with appealing internship programs through this.

Talented minority students may strengthen their business and industrial skills and prepare for leadership roles via internships with INROADS. A famous company will provide you with a paid multi-year internship in return.

An INROADS internship, which is offered all year long, requires dedication to specific standards and participation in specific activities, such as summer employment at a partner company, training seminars, staff coaching, and volunteer work.

At the university level, the INROADS Internship Program typically works to provide gifted, diverse students from all over the country with business soft skills, practical leadership training activities, academic and career assistance, and a chance for a paid internship that will help them prepare for the workforce. The competition for internship positions is intense.

INROADS Internship Program Salary

The average yearly compensation for INROADS interns is $51,000 which breaks to $25 per hour. This is 26% less than the average income for all working Americans and 52% more than the average annual salary for all interns, which is $30,000 per year.

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