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Innocence Canada Staff Lawyers

Innocence Canada, a beacon of hope for the wrongfully accused, stands at the forefront of the fight for justice in Canada. At the heart of this organization are dedicated individuals, the staff lawyers, who tirelessly dedicate their expertise to exonerating those unjustly convicted.

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This is a glimpse into their world, through the eyes of four exceptional lawyers.

  1.  Pamela Zbarsky, Legal Director, leads the charge with unwavering determination. Her extensive experience in criminal law and passion for human rights guide her team as they navigate complex cases. She oversees investigations, strategizes litigation, and ensures every client receives the highest standard of legal representation.
  2. Win Wahrer, Director of Client Services, acts as the bridge between clients and the legal system. With empathy and sensitivity, he listens to harrowing stories, builds trust, and ensures clients feel supported throughout the often-arduous process. He advocates for their needs, from arranging medical care to securing financial assistance, leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of justice.
  3.  Tersha De Koning, Staff Lawyer, delves deep into case files, sifting through mountains of evidence. Her meticulous research and sharp legal mind uncover discrepancies and potential avenues for exoneration. She works closely with investigators, piecing together forgotten details and unearthing crucial new evidence.
  4. Leandra Keren, Staff Lawyer, fearlessly champions clients in court. Her courtroom presence is formidable, yet laced with compassion. She meticulously argues their cases, exposing flaws in investigations and presenting compelling arguments for their innocence.

These are just four faces among the dedicated team of Innocence Canada staff lawyers. Each day, they confront the harsh realities of wrongful convictions, battling against injustices perpetrated by a complex legal system. Yet, their unwavering commitment to the truth and their unwavering support for their clients fuel their relentless pursuit of justice.

Their work extends beyond individual cases. They actively champion legal and systemic reforms to prevent future miscarriages of justice. Through public education initiatives, they raise awareness about the causes of wrongful convictions and advocate for legislative changes that strengthen the integrity of the criminal justice system.

The path to exoneration is long and arduous, paved with emotional turmoil and bureaucratic hurdles. But with every exoneration, with every life reclaimed, the work of Innocence Canada staff lawyers shines a light on the enduring power of hope and the unwavering pursuit of justice for all.

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