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Innocence Canada Contact

In the pursuit of justice, contacting organizations dedicated to rectifying wrongful convictions is a crucial step for individuals seeking assistance. Innocence Canada, a non-profit committed to this cause, offers accessible communication channels for those in need.

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This article outlines the various ways individuals can contact Innocence Canada, ensuring a streamlined process for those with potential cases.

Innocence Canada Phone Number

The organization provides a phone contact option for direct communication. Interested individuals can reach Innocence Canada during their operational hours, which are Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm.

The phone numbers available are 416-504-7500 and toll-free 1-800-249-1329. This avenue allows for immediate interaction, providing an opportunity for individuals to discuss their cases and seek guidance.

Innocence Canada Email

For those who prefer written communication, Innocence Canada offers an email contact option. Inquiries and requests for assistance can be directed to i[email protected]. This method allows individuals to provide detailed information about their situations and facilitates a more thorough review by the organization’s team.

When reaching out to Innocence Canada, it is essential to be mindful of their operational hours. Ensuring contact is made during the designated time frame helps in expediting responses and effectively utilizing the available resources.

Individuals seeking assistance should prepare relevant documentation and information related to their cases. Clear and concise communication, coupled with the complete submission of necessary materials, aids in the organization’s ability to evaluate and potentially assist with a case.

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