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How was the Georgia Innocence Project founded?

The Georgia Innocence Project (GIP) is a non-profit organization based in Atlanta, Georgia. This highly popular organization is dedicated to exonerating individuals wrongly convicted of crimes in the state.

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The GIP works to overturn wrongful convictions through fierce investigation, legal representation, and public awareness campaigns. The GIP has achieved a great deal of success in the past, with 14 people exonerated. The organization has over the decades, been a beacon of hope to individuals who are wrongly convicted.

How was the Georgia Innocence Project founded?

The Georgia Innocence Project (GIP) was founded in 2002 from the combined passion and legal expertise of two Georgia State Law students, September Guy and Jill Polster. Their inspiration was twofold:

Calvin, Georgia’s first DNA exoneree: His wrongful conviction and subsequent exoneration through DNA testing threw more light on the need for an organization dedicated to investigating and fighting miscarriages of justice.

The passage of a state statute: This new law enabled any wrongfully convicted individual to petition for post-conviction DNA testing, paving the way for GIP’s work to utilize this powerful tool in unearthing the truth.

With all these factors in place, Guy and Polster, together with dedicated advocates and legal professionals, founded GIP, laying the groundwork for a future dedicated to freeing the innocent and reforming the Georgian justice system. If you need redress or if you feel that you were wrongly convicted, you can contact the Georgia Innocence Project to look into your case.

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