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How To Surprise Your Parents This Christmas

Receiving gifts is the best part of the holidays but as good children raised by great parents, it is best to think about how to make our parents happy. Parents according to elders are our second God as they work hard to make our lives comfortable and make sure we live at the very best of every aspect.

Nobody is more deserving of a token of appreciation around the holidays than a parent because, for the whole year, mothers and fathers put their children first so in December, on top of the usual pooper scooper duties, feeding, bathing, and cleaning even mothers becomes chef all of a sudden. So when it comes to Christmas, let’s try to make them happy in one or the other ways. 

Here are some ways we can make them happy this coming Christmas

1. Arrange a vacation for them

Vacations are to release our stress and prepare us for more things in a good and sound mind. Make your parents happy during Christmas by arranging a vacation for them, taking them out for a two-day stay in a serene environment.

2. Get them Concert tickets

Your parents deserve a night in the town especially the local theatres where they put on well-known olden local music as this reminds them of their olden days. Try to get them to sing along to the show tune. Or if possible, find their tickets to a show they already love.

3. Get them memorable Gifts

No gift is too small no matter how tiny it is. As children, you should be able to get your parents gifts such as clothes, sandals for your dad, a shoe or bag for your mum or even a scarf. This thing makes them happy anytime they see it because their children or ward remember them

4. Send them Cards or Letters:

Cards and letters can be the best thing to send because sending them expresses all human emotions, thanks, sympathy, humor, love, and joy. 

This can also help you to express your gratitude towards your parents.

5. Serve them Christmas Breakfast:

Don’t wait till your mum gets out of bed before she comes to cook for the family. Try as much as possible to wake up very early before them, get into the kitchen, prepare the family breakfast and make sure to take theirs to them in bed. This is a sign of showing love to them. 

6. Get them a photo frame:

Hey dear, no doubt about it, photo frames make great Christmas gifts for parents and this is why you should try to get them one either separately or together trust me, they will be very proud to show it off.

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7. Get them a luxury bedsheet:

Give your parents a gift of a comfortable night’s sleep. Get them this even at an affordable price. This will make them happy because it will keep them comfortable throughout the night hours. 

8. Take them out shopping:

You don’t have to wait till you become a billionaire before you take your parents out shopping. No parent will like to put their ward in debt. They know how to control their demands when buying especially when they are being sponsored by their ward.

There are lots of markets with nice and affordable stuff for them. Feel free to take them there and get them something nice as a way of showing appreciation.

9. Show them, Love:

Show love to your parents during Christmas. Showing love does not have to do with only occasions but rather it should be every time. As award making your parents happy during the festive, you must make sure to participate in everything they are doing in the house, be obedient to them, respect them more than before, organize a family show to make them happy and make sure they are always the first in everything you plan.

Christmas is not for showing only children live even though children celebrate the most on Christmas however, Christmas is for everybody even grown or older people because it is the day our Lord and Savior was born. 

Make this Christmas a memorable one than before by showing love to everybody around you even the orphans and the less privileged as well.

Children to their parents and not only parents to children. Let’s make our parents happy this Christmas.

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