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How To Make Money Online In Ghana & Nigeria As A Student In 2024

As a student in Ghana or Nigeria who is seeking to make money online and earn a living, there are a few works online that one can begin with. With dedication and hard work, one is assured of making a substantial amount of money from it.

Binoreads has compiled a few of these online jobs as captured below:

 1. Online writing reviews

Online reviews are fun to do, particularly for students who quickly want to make money online. Guess what? all it asks of you to do is to write reviews about different products and be paid.

All it takes is to register with a distinguished review website and afterwards be given products to research. Remember, you are assigned to review the product by noting the advantages and disadvantages of the product.

2. Freelance writing

We all are aware that most tutors usually like to load students with lots of assignments and mostly give short time to summit, if you find yourself in one of these situations, then this is the right job to apply for as a student who can pursue online content writing and still have time for all your assignments whiles making money.

Aside from this, the continued streaming of SEO (search engine optimization) jobs in Ghana pays quite well.

The more writing jobs completed, the more money the writer gets and the more the chances of getting better offers for upgrading to a higher level for better pay.

3. Affiliate marketing

It is quite easy to make money online through affiliate marketing in Ghana. This is another best technique to earn more income, just because you can make money anytime in the day, this requires you to promote people’s products and services through an affiliate network.

You get to earn a commission if people purchase those products because of your marketing.

4. Influencer marketing

Social media platforms are great channels to make money online. this is simple, the more your followers, the more money you earn.

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You can create an advertising enterprise with your social media handles as big companies are looking to reach a giant audience to be able to advertise their products or services.

All it calls for is to have massive followers on your Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Facebook account and you are ready to do great. Do not forget that the more your followers, the more money you make.

5. Online courses

Are you the type who always loves to teach? if your answer is YES, then this right here may be your filled to also make some earns, you can set up online courses that teach people in any subject. Online courses are a profitable way to make money online in Ghana.

Meanwhile, it is important to choose acceptable platforms to upload your course materials, manage your students or learners and also accept payment.

6. Online trading

Online trading involves buying and selling digital products through an online marketing platform. This online platform is usually provided by an internet-based agent and is available to anyone, including students who want to make money from the market.

You can trade with different financial products including forex, commodities, shares, and indices.

7. Creating a YouTube channel

If you are part of those who always wish to handle an online channel in Ghana? Then you can start with YouTube because is another fast way to make income online which even does not require any capital to start with.

The process is to start your YouTube channel and choose a specific deal position or function, e.g., making comedy kits, the latest news or gist around, E-news, etc.

YouTube has viewers who are over 2 billion and are always actively online, which means you should give it a second thought and create a YouTube channel now, this can become a cash game changer for you

8. An online note vendor

There are thousands of people who are interested in purchasing books online, this is an advantage to take as a Ghanaian student to make money through the internet.

All you got to do is look for the perfect selling platforms and upload interesting and colourful books with attractive price tags which can attract thousands of buyers or readers to purchase.

The moment your book is downloaded, you get paid and a remarkable percentage is taken by these selling platforms for marketing your notes, interesting.

9. Write and publish a Kindle ebook

Do you have a book written down and probably thinking of how to sell that? , well it is easy to make some dollars each day with that same book you have. Amazon has over 197 million people around the globe who purchase digital products from its online store.

You can write and publish an ebook on any interests subject with the Amazon Kindle store and make money from that.

So if you are thinking of having your ebooks on the global market as a Ghanaian student, consider writing and publishing a Kindle ebook and enjoy being paid in foreign currencies.

10. Virtual assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant does not consume all your time in the day and that is why it is considered to be one of the safest and legit ways to make money as a student in Ghana in your free time while in school or the classroom.

Virtual assistants are people who help big companies perform major tasks without these assistants becoming full-time workers, which is a big advantage to students because you get to work from a distance, typically online, and you get to count your monthly stipends in a foreign currency.

11. Website and app testing

Another amusing money-making way as a student is to engage in beta website and app testing. A number of companies are creating new apps and websites every day to provide a user-friendly platform to their clients, your assignment is to conduct a usability test on the app or website and give the companies feedback on the user experience and other areas required and you get paid for your services as a tester.

12. Bitcoin trading

A pyramid investment scheme has been said and known to be an illegal trading platform which has frauded people with their hard-earned money, bitcoin is a legal platform of trading which gives you the chance to trade and win.

Bitcoin also allows you to trade digital currencies for other profiting assets. But before engaging in crypto trading, you will need to at least have basic knowledge about the trading market to know when to start and how to trade safely as a student who wants to make cash to support his education.

13. Making voice-over

Every voice is said to be unique, no matter how similar it may sound, especially the voice of ladies. As a female Ghanaian student, you can make good money using that special voice you have.

This job usually involves marketing your voice online as a voice instructor, a storyteller, a video game artist, a commercial narrator, etc. All you need is to log on to the internet, search for a well-known voice-over job on board, register, and use that voice to make a good income.

14. Add development

With this kind of job, you can earn money as fast as possible. Meanwhile, programming requires several languages such as Pascal, Ruby, Python, C++, Scala, Delphi, PL-SOL, Java, JavaScript, PHP, and Visual Basic, etc. With these skills, you can float yourself work for clients and get paid by developing apps.

15. Drop-shipping

This has become one of the most popular and simplest ways of making big money online from your comfort zone, regardless of your academic schedule as a Ghanaian student.

This is how is done, you advertise goods on your social pages or website which may not necessarily be in stock but purchase them from a nearby market or place an order with another company and ship the goods for your customers upon their orders and deliver them to the owners.

This comes with a lot of profit.

16. Online graphic designing

You may work at a distance from your customers through the Internet and make money with your distinct skills as a graphic designer.

There are numerous sites for graphic designing jobs hipped on the internet where companies and individuals hire well-vested designers to create flyers, logos, and banners for businesses and companies and are greatly paid for their services.

You can also give it a try as a student.

17 . Facebook ads and Google Adwords

Running ads is a fun way to make money. You can learn how to run Facebook ads and Google Adwords to boost the businesses of others. This can serve as a source of extra income to cater for your needs.

In other to run a Facebook ad for example, you will need to create a new Facebook Ads Manager account and start a new campaign, choose an objective, including what audience you wish to reach set your budget and schedules and finally create a Facebook ad and monitor its performance.

Then you can have fun while making money.

18. Data bundle retailer

Data bundles have become a thing we cannot do away with in our lives today, almost everything you want to do on the internet requires you to have data and that is what makes it so hilarious doing this as a side business as a Ghanaian and Nigerian student.

You can do this on the various networks in Ghana and Nigeria such as MTN, Vodafone, Glo, and Airteltigo. Other deals which come to you being a data bundle reseller are that you get to sell airtime to people, and also help people pay their electronic bills as well as their monthly subscriptions and send bulk messages.

Above are a few works you can do as a student in Ghana and Nigeria to earn an extra income.

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