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How to Join Manchester United Youth Academy


If you want to play for Manchester United, below is a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the competitive world of their youth academy. Read this carefully and make an informed decision.

 Understanding Manchester United Ownership

Read carefully about Manchester United Plc. and its ownership structure, including the role of the Glazer family.

 Getting Noticed: The Scout Selection Process

Before you can play for this big club, you have to know how Manchester United scouts identify talent and what you can do to increase your chances of being noticed.

Steps to Joining the Academy

1. Play for Your Local Big Clubs
Before you can play for Manchester United, the easiest way is to join their youth academy. Showcase your exceptional skills and you will earn a spot in the bigger club after your graduation.

2. Utilize Club Connections
Building a network with some of the industry big people can make you achieve your goal of become a football legend. Reach out to seasoned people in the football world and they will give you the guidelines to succeed.

3. Create a Highlight Video
To get scouted into the Manchester youth academy, you need to possess a unique or exceptional talent. Record a video highlighting your skills and submit to football scouts. This is a major requirement for international aspirants who may not be able to under trials.

4. Explore Football Schools and Other Pathways

Explore various avenues, including soccer schools and open days, to raise your visibility to Manchester United coaches.

Financial Considerations

There is a lot of financial obligations associated with pursuing your dream of joining Manchester United Academy.  You have to read about the fees on their website and see if you can afford it. Interestingly, the academy is free.

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International Players: Special Requirements

International players aspiring to join Manchester United need to familiarize themselves with the specific rules and guidelines applicable to non-UK residents.

Trials and Scholarships

Explore the trial process at Manchester United Academy and learn about how scholarships are awarded based on skill and potential.

Opportunities for Non-UK Residents

If you need to join Manchest United youth Academy, read about the eligibility criteria for players living outside the UK who aspire to join Manchester United Academy, including age restrictions and residency requirements.


It is worth noting that joining the Manchester United Youth Academy us quite challenging. However, with determination, talent, and strategic planning, you can increase your chances of transforming your dream into reality.

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