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How to Join Football Club in Europe


This article talks about aspiring footballers outside of Europe who desire to join a football club and play across the continent. We will explore the process of joining a club and obtaining a visa to stay in Europe for training.

The article lays emphasis on how to access  European clubs and academies. If you so wish to play in any of the clubs in Europe, this article is a gateway to your dream.

Why Do European Academies Want International Players?

Football clubs across Europe are looking for international players to enhance their talent pool and maintain their competitive edge. Access to ultra-modern facilities and exposure to top-level competition make Europe an attractive destination for budding footballers worldwide.

How to Join Football Club in Europe

1. Contact the Club Directly to Join for Free

– contact them by email, utilize personal connections, or reach out to club personnel directly.
– Give detailed information about your potential. This include and a highlight video demonstrating your abilities.

2. Become a Scouted Talent

– Through exceptional performance on the field, attract the attention of scouts.
– Take part in local matches and exhibit your skills to increase visibility.

3. Join a European Football Club Through an Agent

– Reach out to  football agents via email. Send then a highlight video footage of your talent.
– Agents assist with trials, negotiations, and career management, using their connections for opportunities.

4. Enrol in a Football Academy

– Look for cheaper football academies in Europe prominent for their track record of player development.
– Opt for an academy with a legacy of placing players in European clubs to increase your chances.

Passport and Visa Application

5. Apply for International Passport for Your Visa Application

– Secure an international passport which is a prerequisite for visa application.
– Apply for tourist or student Visa, depending on your needs or destination.

6. Contact the Embassy with Your Documents to Move to Europe

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– Send the required documents to the embassy. This will include academy enrollment or club call-up.
– Book an appointment and submit documents in person for visa issuance, enabling you to relocate to Europe.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Play Football in Europe?

– Professional eligibility begins at 16 years old. On the other hand, academies often admit players from age 6 to 18.
– Training divisions within academies assess and place players based on skill level and age.

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