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How to intern at SpaceX?

Space Exploration Technologies Corp, famously known as SpaceX, is an American space exploration company that deals with space transportation and aerospace manufacturing services. The company was founded in 2002 by Elon Musk and is headquartered in Hawthorne, California.

Space X hires students. The company technology company features internships and associate programs that focus on hiring enrolled students.

Space X helps in realizing the growth and future of space exploration. Space  X interns and associate engineers are integral parts of the success of the company in turning humans into multi-planetary species.

The company seeks talented candidates to join its one-year round program. It’s an opportunity for candidates to effect change directly in the space industry and space exploration. The internship programs cut across engineering and business operations.

Space X interns are mostly responsible for designing, developing, manufacturing, and testing spacelight hardware. If you succeed in landing an internship position at space X, you should expect your obligation to match that full-time engineer. As well, the internship position dictates a lot of teamwork with other full-time engineers.

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