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How to get the Spotify internship?

From a subversive work, culture praised industry-wide, to working with famous artists across the globe, Spotify is the dream place to intern for any student who loves music. However, it can be difficult.

Thousands of students apply for various internship opportunities Spotify hosts every year, such as the Global Summer Internship and Aspiring Marketers Fellowship Program. However, only a few are selected. Adding onto that, only a smattering of positions is available at Spotify for entry-level roles, which makes these programs all the more competitive. However, that doesn’t mean getting an internship is impossible.

Before you send in your application, make sure you know your stuff and the process of learning the right tools and skills. Spotify wants the best of the best and to them, its not the destination but the journey

In other to get the Spotify internship, they seek for the individual to be creative. For all the applicants Spotify gets, the application process can be a bit dingy.Your application is your chance to show your uniqueness, as well as your passion for the company.

Networking is one of the key ways to make sure you are up for consideration. Chatting with people who already work at the company allows them to put a faceless name to a hardworking and talented student. Make genuine connections through industry groups or coffee chats to build a sense of respect and trust. Even if you don’t get an internship

Spotify has recruiters in various student career fairs and events to help connect students to Spotify internships and challenges.

Spotify has various events that seek to attempt to solve a real-world Spotify business challenge, and the winners will be selected for Spotify internships. The event paves the way to network with Spotify staff, as well as showcase your skills in real-time to recruiters.

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