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How to get selected in Goldman Sachs internship?

Goldman Sachs is one of the biggest investment banks in the world. Securing an internship at Goldman  Sachs is one of the surest ways to get a full-time offer in the company. 

Every year, many students from all over the country compete for an internship at Goldman Sachs. In such a challenging race, students who possess an outstanding resume, maximise network and top-notch interview skills will plausible have the upper hand.

This article will help you discover how interns are selected at Goldman Sachs and give you practical tips to help you secure an opportunity.

The main aim of Goldman Sachs is to promote economic growth and some financial opportunities. Goldman Sachs mobilises its resources and people for the success of its client. Widen their prosperity to speed up progress for everyone.

Goldman Sachs provides a good environment for their employees to help them deliver the best possible results.

The company creates an enabling environment for people to thrive in their thinking, passion and communication skills taking priority over qualifications. If you are in a college or university Goldman Sachs is a great place to intern

How to get selected in Goldman Sachs internship?

The selection process at Goldman Sachs consists of four rounds. Which includes an online assessment test, technical interview and HR interview 


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