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How To Earn Money From Walking


You can make money simply by walking. Whether you walk fast or slow, there are ways to turn your steps into cash or even start a career. You can get free stuff too! Just by putting on your sneakers, you can get cool things for free.

And if you walk a lot, you can even start your own business. The more you walk, the more you can earn. Whether you want unique jobs, apps that pay for walking, or smart ideas for students to start their own businesses, you’re in the right spot. Let’s get walking.


1. Sweatcoin

This app gives you “Sweatcoins” for every 1,000 outdoor steps you take. You can swap these coins for discounts or free things in the app’s store. People got all sorts of stuff like holiday trips or headsets using their coins. But some found it drained their phone battery and data.

2. BetterPoints

Just like Sweatcoin, this app rewards you for walking, running, or cycling. You collect points and tickets. Points can get you vouchers for stores. Tickets enter you into a draw for more points. For example, you could earn points for every mile you complete. People have gotten vouchers for different shops using these points.

3. winwalk

For every 100 steps you take (up to 10,000 steps daily), you get coins. These coins can be swapped for gift cards at places like Costa, Primark, or Marks & Spencer. You can also earn more coins by doing surveys or tasks.

4. WeWard

You turn your steps into points called “Wards.” More steps mean more Wards. These can be traded for vouchers, prizes, cash, or donations. For example, you can get cash or even a trip to Rome using these points.

5. Charity Miles

This app doesn’t make money for you. Instead, it donates to charities based on how much you walk, run, or bike. You pick a charity, and for every mile you move, the app’s sponsors donate. It’s a way to help charities through your exercise.

Here’s a simpler breakdown of ways to earn money by walking:

1. Do Tasks for Pay:

People will pay for odd jobs and deliveries. TaskRabbit and Airtasker are two platforms where you can sign up to do tasks like shopping, deliveries, or helping with various chores. You choose the jobs that fit your schedule and comfort level.

2. Advertise for Companies:

You can get paid to carry signs for businesses. It’s easy work, but the pay might not be very high.

3. Become a Tour Guide:

If you know your city well, you can offer tours to visitors and share interesting facts about different places. You can even turn your tours into guides to sell online.

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4. Walk Dogs:

If you love dogs, you can make money by walking them for people who can’t do it themselves.

5. Lead a Fitness Group:

If you’re into fitness, you can organize group walks, runs, or even parkour sessions.

6. Write a Walking Guide:

If you enjoy exploring and writing, you can create a book about walking routes in your area and sell it as an eBook or in print.

7. Hand Out Leaflets:

Some companies will pay you to deliver leaflets door to door.

8. Try Modeling:

Modeling might not seem directly related to walking, but you can get paid for walking on runways or posing for photoshoots. You don’t necessarily have to fit the traditional ‘model’ look to get started.

Remember, each of these ways has its own requirements and things to consider, like safety and pay.

If you want to make more money from walking, here are some important tips:

  • – If you make more money than a certain amount each year, the government will take some as tax.
  • – If you work for yourself, you can lower your tax bill by spending money on things for your business, like checks, insurance, advertising, or website hosting. Keep good records of what you spend.
  • – Be careful about spending a lot of money on your business unless it’s necessary. Try to advertise for free online or trade before spending your money.
  • – Only companies and certain groups can apply for a full background check. But individuals can apply for a simpler one. It costs £18 and might take up to two weeks to get the certificate. You’ll need to provide some ID documents.
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