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How much does NVIDIA pay interns?

The ideal approach to begin your career at NVIDIA is as an intern because this is how we primarily hire recent college graduates and early-career professionals.

You’ll engage in important work, contribute to actual initiatives, network with the brightest minds in our field, and create relationships that will last a lifetime.

Our internships are accessible year-round, around the globe, for a minimum of twelve weeks, and come with several advantages.

Previous summer internships have produced research that may be published as well as work appropriate for student PhD dissertations.

Competent applicants will have a history of producing good research, a glowing reference from a project supervisor, superior programming abilities, and the capacity to function well in a group setting.

How much does NVIDIA pay interns?

For less than one year of experience to two years of experience, the average Nvidia Intern salary in India is 3.8 Lakhs ($30,630). The salary range for interns at Nvidia India is between 2.6 and 4.2 lakhs.

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